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Fall Foliage
Tenderness Aura Spray

Tenderness Aura Spray


Use this blend to open to love. Soften and heal to life’s experiences without closing and contracting. Forgiveness of self with gentleness and a courageous vulnerability.


This is a gift of gentle holding like a soothing balm as of being held in the arms of the Great Mother. She urges you to love your self into wholeness. To open to receive love from the Divine, to drink it in as a resource to feed and nourish you.


Heartening strength to show up in your fullness and wrap yourself in the Mothers Love. This blend supports you to be authinetically you. It creates space for you to be exactly where you are in life. Tenderness brings beauty to your inner world increasing self esteem and self-care. It enables you to find your sweet spot in life. Tenderness will hold your dearest self into being.

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