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This was my doorway in to working with Vibrational Essences and as I grew up I had more experiences exploring how to use them and to witness the power of their healing action.  I spent some time with a Buddhist community in California whom had a big focus on holistic treatments, radionics and crystal healing.  The Bach Essences were a big part of their tool kit and when supporting Darshans, healing retreats I was always the one to work with students preparing remedies for them.
At the age of 22 I decided to train with Sue and Simon Lily of Greenman Essences.  I was already studying Homoeopathy and my interest in further exploration with these incredible remedies became a firm Yes. Learning how to work with these energies to support others to find balance and equilibrium became a passion for me.  Having heard the call of nature, where each plant, crystal or chosen element actively calls to be made.  It is an odd thing but over time I responded to all the seasonal, astrological, lunar and solar needs that a particular plant might need to share its frequencies.
Clarity Vibration Essences began then in 1998 at age 22.  My first ever essence made was a beautiful Hazel Contorta, the female flowers like tiny magenta volcanos of energy, sprouting their deep wisdom out for those who were searching and had eyes to see.  It wasn’t until August 2012 that I made an essence which called to be available for all the world to use should they wish.  The Blue Moon Blessing Essence and Aura Spray were born, made for the Womb Blessing community to support the integration of Feminine Healing practices.
The creative energy was flowing and so many other Aura Sprays came into being.  I was working with clients one to one, running workshops and selling Vibrational Essences all over the world. In 2015 we moved back to Devon and later in 2016 found a special home in the Blackdown Hills in the UK.  This place is very special.  The land is rich and abundant and so much grows here.  We are surrounded by so much nature; it is a retreat and a haven.  Many of the essences available in the webshop are made here and we are blessed with beautiful spring water which all the essences are made with.
I run the business with the technical support of my husband.  His abilities are what make sharing the Clarity Vibration Essences possible.  I work with almost 500 different Vibrational Essences, so when making bespoke blends and aura sprays the individual crafting of each blend is very specific, and can be tailored to the needs of the client very uniquely.
Bespoke blend sessions can be booked in the webshop.  Mentor sessions, workshops and further ways of working with me can be found at   My new website coming soon!

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Our Story…. 

My first encounter with Flower Essences was at the age of 13.  My mum had bought a number of Bach Essences to support me with some digestive issues which she could see were stress based.  I found them useful and supportive.

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