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Fall Foliage
Smokey Rutilated Quartz Essence

Smokey Rutilated Quartz Essence


30ml stock essence of Smokey Rutilated Quartz


Clearing and releasing so as to anchhor in the new.


Smokey Quartz is great at breaking up and bannishing stagnant, negative energies.


The Rutile also known as Angel Hair has the ability to harness angelc, manifesting energies. Rutile is known for harnessing light energy on a cellular level which helps to bring illumination to all levels of one’s being. The gold strands of Rutile activate the creative energies and ability to receive Divine inspiration. It is useful for healing etheric tears and blockages before they manifest physically.


The energy signature of this crystal is one of clearing limiting beliefs and patterns to inhabit the lighter, brighter frequencies, to call them in and anchor fully in the physical realm.

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