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Fall Foliage
Sacred Moon Aura Spray

Sacred Moon Aura Spray


This unique essence is a combination of crystal, flower and environmental essences with homoeopathic’s and essential oils. It is a potent mix that was formulated to support women during their moontimes.  In using the essence it is apparent that it provides a deep grounding and magical connection to the earth, anchoring roots deeply through the earth star chakra below the feet and into the core of the Earth Mother herself.


The blend is a powerful source that brings the user home to themselves in a sacred and magical way, offering insight and inspiration by plugging back in and regenerating.  There is great sense of peace and love when spraying the concoction which immediately draws your awareness into your body.


Varying powerful astrological influences are captured in the essences from making them; solar, lunar, solar eclipses, new moons and Grand Crosses, all add to the dynamic potency of this blend.

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