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Fall Foliage
Renewal Aura Spray

Renewal Aura Spray


 Rebirth ~ Return ~ Awakening ~ Emergence ~ Elevation

Expansion ~ Alignment ~ Inspiration ~ Germination ~ Clarity

Purifying ~ Hope ~ Brilliance ~ Balance ~ Energising ~ Freedom


This blend is activating and energising.  It is a motivating and inspiring mix which supports clarity and inspiration.  The germination of ideas and projects take their own time, it may feel as if we have been underground in the soil for such a long time holding the tension.


Sometimes the only way out is up, Renewal is like the spark deep within a seed, the creative juice for action. The rebirth energy supports change and courage to face challenges or resistance, to do things differently and take action. 


Clarity and dynamism fuels a rise from the ashes.  Renewal is like rain on scorched dormant soil, it brings new life, new energy and inspiration to start a new.  It aids fatigue and lethargy, stirring up and raising energy and awareness. It encourages an impetus or direction for rebirth to occur after a period of protraction, dormancy or stagnation.


There are supportive balancing qualities; yin and yang, solar and lunar, fire and water.... and of course the melding of masculine and feminine qualities. Renewal gifts a capacity to move through limitations and explore new ideas or ways of being. It shines a diamond light in through any darkness, illuminating a way back to the outer world. It provides you with a sense of freedom and liberation, gifting you with wings to really fly.

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