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Platonic Quartz Essence

Platonic Quartz Essence


30ml stock essence of Platonic Quartz


These sacred geometrical pieces of quartz used for this essence each hold a specific elemental frequency.  The five shapes are the alphabet of the geometric vocabulary. All forms come from these five shapes and are found in all types of crystal growth in the natural world. They contain the basic creation patterns of existence and facilitate the expansion of consciousness through which effective life-affirming action can occur.


The vibrational frequencies of the Platonic Solid Essence can be used to remind the cells of our physical bodies of their original perfected form by re-alignment and polarisation of energy. When working with the Platonic Solids, you are engaging the power sources of creation to manifest a new life.


Meditation with this essence can help to connect and free oneself from limiting beliefs, moving more to an expanded reality where all things are possible. The platonic solids transmit consciousness, they are energy bonds that create solid forms. All the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences of the Universal Mind can be explored and utilized through the Platonic Solid Essence as it is a means through which evolution can occur.


Regular use of this essence will restore and harmonise an individual’s life and surroundings. It balances and clears the chakra system, assisting spiritual practices such as yoga, somatic dance and meditation and conscious awareness.

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