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Fall Foliage
Mugwort and Yarrow Cleansing Smoke Stick

Mugwort and Yarrow Cleansing Smoke Stick


Hand Crafted, locally foraged, bound with loving presence.


White and Pink Yarrow with Mugwort harvested from the Blackdown Hills at the full moon and bound and wrapped at the Lions Gate with prayers of guidance and soothing protection.


Each stick is roughly 10cm.


Mugwort is a magical herb, useful for encourgaing lucid dreaming oracular prophetic experinces.  She is a womens herb, connected to the moon and the Goddess Artemis due to its latin name Artemisia Vulgaris.  Her sphere of action is so entwined with the power of the womb that it is a powerful emmanogogue, which means that it should be avoided during pregnancy except during the last stages.


Yarrow is a protective herb and known for its incredible psychic protection energeticallly.  It is used to heal and soothe and is well known for its equilizing properties.  It brings courage and balance.


Burn in the flame of a candle unitl well lit and blow out.  Use a fire proof dish to catch any debris whilst using to cleanse and clear space.  Sacred smoke cleansing is a corss cultural practice whihch helps to clear and vitalise living space, altars and sacred tools.

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