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Fall Foliage
Flourite Essence

Flourite Essence


30 ml stock essence of Fluorite.


Made at the spring equinox 2020, the time of balance and emergence. This is at the peak of the first covid lockdown after we have all been told to stay in our homes and people are having to find new ways of being.  This is the time for the reset, the restructure of life. This is the reboot. It is also made on the new moon in aries so it really is a dynamic reset, setting the tone. Restructuring your physical environment, your world. The new moon was conjunct chiron, we are being asked to face our stories and take responsibility for our own healing. This is the energy of new beginnings.


The potential of change…. All new possibilities. Fluorite is centering and heartening, there is a softness. Cleansing and clearing with the purple, violet hues and the green and pinks are balancing. Each point carries whole worlds within them. These fluorite points are a family, a constellation of their own right. When they were bought they needed to stay together. This is about supporting the high vision. They feel like master teachers. Their points are dynamic and quite intense in a room or space. Lying the points down softens the energy and I think this is why I had to go and shift them to be horizontal rather than vertical. Clearing chaos, there was a lot around at the time of making the essence…. It shifts out psychic manipulation. It stabilises the aura, clearing cosmic debris. Green fluorite grounds and dissipates emotional trauma and clears infections. They can clear obscured vision…… 2020 the year of vision!!


Fluorite is the stone of order, giving form and structure to energies ideas and concepts and helps them manifest in this third dimensional reality. It helps scattered and discordant energies become cohesive and harmonic. It is a powerful stone to balance the brain and clears mental fog or conflicting ideas. It can harmoniously entrain the brain to work in a whole brain state or enhanced mental and psychic abilities. Its energy is calming and soothing to anxiety and clears worry of the future.


Use this crystal essence when you need to bring in new structures, clear chaos and stagnation with a heart balancing quality which soothes and calms.

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