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Fall Foliage
Blue Moon Blessing Essence

Blue Moon Blessing Essence


30ml stock essence of Blue Moon Blessing


Blue Moon Blessing, from Clarity Vibration Essences, was uniquely handcrafted on the August full moon.


This essence was specifically formulated with the clear intention of supporting the Womb Blessing healing energy and to support the awakening of the Divine Feminine energy which is blossoming across beautiful Gaia.


This stock essence is useful to support the healing energy of the Womb Blessing and other Feminine based practices.  It helps to align the energies to that of the Divine Feminine.


This stock essence can be added to water jugs/bottles when running Womb Blessing events, for women to drink and feel the support energetically.  The essence is great to use to support the integration of the healing energy after a Worldwide Womb Blessing or one to one healing sessions.


Alternatively it can be added to the bath or taken directly on the tongue. 


This is beneficial for those who wish to work with this energy but choose not to have the scent of the essential oils. 

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