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Fall Foliage
Aquamarine Essence

Aquamarine Essence


Made on the Pisces New Moon March 2021


Venus in Pisces

Mercury In Pisces

Moon in Pisces

Sun in Pisces

Close to a Neptune conjuntion with the sun


If ever there was a time to wrk with Aquamarine to open and flow to Her Watery healing energies this was the time to make the essence.


The weather was a varient of extremes, sun, rain and a hail storm.


The quality of freeing up frozen stuck emotions is strong in this essence. 


It is a powerful cleanser of the emotional body and clears pathways of communication. 


Its action on the throat chakra enables a clear connection between the heart and throat so that authentic truth can be spoken and embodied.   It is especially helpful to flood the heart with loving energy in times of grief and challenge. It washes away the holding or attachements to old baggage or trauma.  It cleanses the need to hold on and encourages one to 'Go with the Flow'


This essence brings feminine flow and receptivity, the quality of the element of water in its highest state. There is no need to push or force, allow the power of receptivity to bring what is needed and follow the flow of energy in life.  Let love flood in to your world.


All the aligned astrology suppoprt this essence to Speak, Be, Live the truth of Love in all its watery forms. 

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