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Clarity Vibration Essences are made by Clare Warren; Healer, Mentor and Guide with over 25 years’ experience in natural medicine and wellbeing.  She lives in the Blackdown Hills, in the UK, where many of the essences she makes come from the ancient meadows and woodland surrounding her home.


Clare is a lover of the land, an earth guardian and an edge dweller who feels great sensitivity to nature and her surroundings.  She captures and shares the voice of the energies she works with.  All Clarity Vibration Essences are made by hand from tree, flower, seed, light, crystal and environmental energies.  They are made in this traditional way to preserve integrity and purity so as to bring comfort, healing and support.

Vibrational Essences are a form of energy medicine which helps to bring balance and alignment.  They foster harmony and wellbeing with mental health and emotional challenges.  They are non-toxic and safe to use for all the family.

Using Clarity Vibration Essences people find equilibrium in overwhelming or difficult circumstances, experience improved confidence, and gain support with personal growth and development.  The Essences enable us to shift and evolve whilst offering comfort and guidance in times of change.  They are effortless tools for personal transformation.


We offer single essences to use internally in water or directly under the tongue, and aura sprays to mist on yourself and the area around you. The Clarity Vibration Essence Aura Sprays are combination blends of essences, with carefully chosen aromatherapy oils to enhance the experience of using them within the personal environment.  Spritz overhead around you to bring a shift in energy and mood, or spray in a room or space to freshen, vitalise, cleanse or set a tone.  Each blend has an affirmation or quality infused which helps to choose which is appropriate at a given time.  These blends can be used alone or layered together depending on the user’s needs.

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