Wonderful Women's Red Tent 3rd and 4th of August 2013

This two day women's event is non residential and will be held weather permitting outside.  The schedule below is a list of events that are happening over the weekend.  Women are offering their time and skills for free for all of us to enjoy!!

All timings are fluid and approximate.  Events may change or new events may arise depending on numbers.

We will have several spaces to use at Yanley Court.  A gorgeous little tipi decked out opulently for heartfelt space, lounging lawn area with cushions and patio space for dancing and our fire wok.  There is space for several things to take place at once, so if you feel you wish to just gather with sisters and connect please feel free to come and be your beautiful gorgeous selves.  The events will run organically with fluid timings.  We have such a melting pot of wonderfulness with great women filled with skills and wisdom so this list is by no means the limitations of what this weekend will hold!!! Please feel free to come and join this collaborative space, make it what you wish, come vision and connect with others. 

Please feel welcome to bring instruments, sacred objects for our shared altar, oracle cards, or other exciting thing you may feel women might like.  

Bring cushions, blankets and anything you need to be comfortable.

For those enquiriing about whether children are able to come for the Red Tent Weekender this is the official stance ~
We feel it is important to open the weekend to mums who may be single parents or who are struggling to get child care. We are happy for children under the age of
5yrs (ish) to come.


This Heartspace Wombspace is for intimate sharing, for women to come and feel heard and rest quietly in meditation. This space will be in the Teepee and will offer mums the chance to have time for them to 'Be'. We hope you can appreciate these boundaries so that all women have chance to feel held, heard and have space to heal over the weekend.
Saturday 3rd August
Arrivals from 10 am

Opening Circle 10.30 am

Kundalini Yoga with  Kat Knecht 11.30 am

Beggars Banquet Lunch 1pm
Please bring vegetarian to share

Cunt Craft with Colette Nolan 2.30pm

Egyptian Belly Dancing with Saeeda Jameel 4.30pm

Heartsong singing with Malika Hampton 6pm

'Walking the path of freedom'
Response-ability in relationship, pregnancy and childbirth
with Halaya Robb, Craniosacral therapist and Doula 7pm

Fire Ceremony with Karen Heasman 8pm

Closing circle

. . . . . .

Sunday 4th August
Arrivals from 10 am

Opening Circle - 10.30am

Lammas Nature Mandala with Emma Jones - 11.15 am

Shakti Dancing with Carley Oates 12pm

Beggars Banquet Lunch - 1pm
Please bring vegetarian lunch to share

First Blood and Menarche stories with Rachael Hertogs and
the Sacred Blood Mysteries Clare Warren - 2.30pm

Kirtan,  Sacred chanting with Rachel Flemming 5pm

New Moon Drumming Circle with Ann from Poco Drom 6.15pm

Closing Gratitude Circle 7.30pm

Collaborative tidy and clear up

We plan to have Louise Horler from Sewscrumptious with us for the weekend.
She will be showing us how to transform a simple pillow case into a dress for women less fortunate than us from places such as africa.  We will be most grateful for any gorgeous or funky accessories that you are able to contribute for decorating.

The schedule will evolve and be updated as we move closer to the dates so do check back for more information.  If you wish to offer help with setting up or offering anything else like massages, healing or what ever you can vision do please get in touch xxx

This event is by donation
with a suggestion of
£5 for activities
 no one will be excluded due
to lack of funds
Yanley Court
Long Ashton Business Park
Yanley lane
Long Ashton
BS41 9LB
Arrival from 10 am
BS41 9LB
A call for Beds ...........
Local ladies if you have space for a sister to stay the night on saturday do please get in touch or make this known on the Red Tent Wonderful Weekend Event page so that others travelling to Bristol can enjoy the fullness of the weekend
Donations for this event will be used to cover the costs to organise this event.  Surplus amounts will allow us to begin a Red Tent cache for future events, such as this.  We aim to eventually be able to support local women's charities that are dear to our hearts and will make a difference.

There will be many Moon Mothers joining together over this weekend, which gives rise to a great opportunity for healing, meditation and womb work

Get in touch if you wish to know more or experience a mini healing.

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