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Vibrational Essences

Essences came about from Dr Edward Bach, a Harley Street Physician who worked as a bacteriologist, researcher and homoeopath.  He was a pioneer in the Essence World with the herald of the first Flower Essence range being made in 1934.  The use of essences wasn’t seen as a new way of healing, more that Dr Bach formalised it as a way of treating individuals with mental, emotional or behavioural imbalances.


From the inception of this method of treatment, practioners took the theory out into the world and made remedies from plants and environments within their own communities.  It is this diversification that has lead to such a vast collection of remedies that are made from places all over the world. 


The label Vibrational refers to all the essences made from flowers, trees, plants, environments, crystals, colour spectrums, frequencies or harmonics.  They are seen as Vibrational as they help to shift imbalances that manifest in people, such as negativity, insecurity, fear, anger, self limiting belief systems, blocked mindsets or attitudes.  They have the ability to create doorways and pathways to inner peace and a better understanding of ourselves and our patterns.  They help us deal with stress or challenging situations with a greater sense of support.


Essences can be used by all ages in an effective way to heal and grow.  These remedies can be given for a specific situation, or as an ongoing treatment.  They can be used to great effect with supporting shifts in attitudes arising from other treatments, such as helping to integrate issues unveiled through counselling or bodywork.


This is a gentle form of treatment that can be used in all stages of life and help to unlock our true potential in life.


I have used essences to great effect for issues such as lack of self confidence, destructive attitudes, eating disorders, anger, frustration, marital problems, conception, grief, loss, bereavement, anxiety, fear and many other situations. They are safe to use through pregnancy and offer strong emotional support through labour and birth.

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