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Qualifications and Training Credentials

Womb and Fertility Massage Training
  April 2019                                                                            Clare Spink
                                                                                                Womb and Fertility Massage
Menstrual Medicine Circle Faciliatator Training
November 2017                                                                   Alexandra Pope
                                                                                                Sjanie Hugo Wurltizer
Click to edit text                                                                   Red School
The Joshis - Plants on the MAP - Homoeopathic Remedies
Exeter   -   June 2017                                                           Dr Bhawisha Joshi                                                                                                     Dr Shachindra Joshi
                                                                                               Dr Joshis Homoeopathic Care
Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Tranining ® - Self Care Level 1
Twickenham   -   January 2017                                         Louise Crockart
                                                                                              Arvigo Therapy Institute
The Four Seasons Journey
England & France   -    2015 to 2016
Jane Hardwicke Collings
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Advanced Moon Mother Training
Bristol    -    December 2014
 Miranda Gray
Usui Reiki - Level I & II
Bristol    -    August & October 2014
 Nicky Marshall
Shadow Work - Celebrating Anger
Bristol     -    2014
Marianne Hill & Hugh Newton
The Cunt Loving Quest
Bristol    -    2014
 Collette Nolan
Shamanic Midwifery
Shropshire    -    2013
Jane Hardwicke Collings
Copper Shaman Weavers Retreat
Dartmoor    -    2012
Carolyn Hillyer
Moon Mother Training
London    -    2012
Miranda Gray
Holistic Contraception
Bristol    -    2012
Jane Bennett
The Womens Quest Apprenticeship
Welshpool and Glastonbury     -     2011
Alexandra Pope
Hopi Ear Candle Practitioner
London    -    2004
Neal's Yard Remedies
Homoeopathy Training
Taunton     -     1998 to 2002
Mike Bridger
Pathology and Disease
Correspondence Course    -    2000  to  2002
Stephen Gascoigne
Anatomy and Physiology
Corresponence Course    -     1998  to  2000
Stephen Gascoigne
Vibrational Essences Practitioner
Exeter    -    1999
Simon and Sue Lilly
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