Springside Heartspace

Springside HeartSpace is a magical retreat space in the Blackdown Hills. It is the home of Clarity Vibration where you can come for one to one healing sessions, ceremonies, mentoring, Red Tents and gatherings.

Springside HeartSpace holds circles to celebrate and honour the eight seasonal celtic festivals amongst other exciting things which are cooking and being stired into being. The earth seasons correlate to the inner workings of woman and her own inner seasons, it is the natural progression of embodying my feminine centered work out in the world.

The first gathering is at Imbolc which is a Cross Quater festival and heralds the last dark slumbers of winter and the first glimmers of spring. We will be celebrating this slow spring awakening on Sunday February 10th 1.30 -5.30. It is a little later than the actual date of Imbolc as I am away commemorating dear girlfriend Colette Nolan who sadly died just after imbolc last year.

This is the perfect time for the birthing of this space here at Springside. The sowing of the seeds is done, its time to tend the sprouts and welcome dear hearts to this magical land. It truly is an enchantment here and we are so blessed to be able to share it with others.

Payment confirms your space within the circle.

If you are as excitied as I am about this and cant wait but have questions get in touch clare@clarityvibration.com

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