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Springside Heartspace

Springside Heartspace is a magical space in the Blackdown Hills. It is the home of Clarity Vibration where you can come for one to one healing sessions, ceremonies, mentoring, Red Tents and gatherings. 

Springside Heartspace holds circles to celebrate and honour the eight seasonal celtic festivals amongst other exciting things which are cooking and being stired into being. We celebrate the earth seasons in correlation to the inner workings of woman and her own Inner Seasons. This is the natural progression and embodiment of my feminine centered work out in the world.  We explore the energies of the land in direct reflection to that which arises in us at certain times of the year. 

These gatherings are a rich offering and melding from my work in natural health and wellbeing, women's spiritual empowerment and my life experiences.  This is the first spiral of seasonal celebrations which are open to all women.  Ideally you will come to each gathering but it is completly fine to come when you can attend.

So what can you expect when you come?

Springside Heartspace Gatherings are a way of...

Celebrating the Seasonal Wheel and connecting to the land through circle

  • Celebration and marking this time of year
  • Authentic Connection through sharing in circle and breathing from our heartspace
  • Ceremony to honour the season; for our planet, our community and ourselves
  • Quite time in nature for nourishment, reflection and personal enquiry
  • Crafting Activity aligned with the seasons
  • A safe held space to drop in to and be part of

These afternoon gatherings are a bountiful time in circle.  I invest a lot of time and energy into creating these spaces for women to come and explore what it means to honour the seasons whilst honouring herself through the process. Careful preperation of the space and content of the gatherings is a process which comes together in the shifting landscape and weather. Living out in the Blackdown Hills I am enmeshed as part of nature.  I am not seperate or disconnected and live from this place as a Daughter of Gaia.  I welcome women to these gatherings from this embodied rooted connection.  I walk and breathe in the land, I receive guidance from Her as to how our gatherings take form. 

Due to the nature of these gatherings it is necessary for me to have committment from women for these celebrations to birth into being.  It is for this reason that all places require payment prior to the event.  Once payment is made your space in the circle is then confirmed.

Payment confirms your space within the circle.

There is a £10 non refundable deposit should you need to cancel your space within two weeks of the gathering.  This covers materials and my time preparing for the event.

The full fee will be non refundable if you cancel on the day.  As stated above, these gatherings are bountiful with intention, experince and offerings and as such take time to organise.

All last minute cancellations must be done via phone or at the very least text message.  Internet service can be intermittent and social media, messenger or Whatsapp notifications can often not be picked up until well after an event has taken place.

The dates of the gatherings are a Sunday chosen to be as close as possible to the astrolgical occurance of the sabbat.  The coming dates are as follows;

Beltane, Mayday -  May 5th

Litha; Midsummers day – June 23rd

Lammas – August 11th

Mabon; Autumn Equinox – September 22nd

Samhain – October 27th

Yule – Dec 22nd

I look forward to welcoming you to Springside Heartspace.

If you need more information please get in touch.

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