Shamanic Womancraft

 'A Shamanic Craftswoman is a teacher and practitioner of the women’s mysteries, a Priestess at the altars of transformation and a Midwife of the Soul.’

What is Shamanic Womancraft ~

Shamanic Womancraft is the art of facilitating transformation and a midwifing of the soul, supporting others on their journey to wholeness.  The shamanic craftswoman can best facilitate a woman’s journey through her life by holding her intact, seeing her as a whole complex being on her life journey, and helping her to do the same. The shamanic craftswoman guides the woman through the experiences of menstruation, pregnancy, birth, mothering and menopause helping her see the relevance of what happens and the lessons and gifts of the issues and situations that arise for her.  She values and lives according to the wisdom of all the cycles, seeing these as a reflection of our true nature.

‘Shamanic’ describes the inner and outer, multi-dimensional spaces (called the lower, middle and upper worlds) that exist within and around us that the shaman journeys to and within. The worlds or realms of the shaman are both actual and metaphoric and are accessible by everyone. The Shamanic Journey is an inner journey.

As a woman travels through her life she encounters many a shamanic journey. These are the opportunities for transformation and development of her being. Menstruation, pregnancy, birth, and menopause are all important rites of passage that require full awareness and presence to receive the medicine of these times.  A woman travels deeply during these times into her inner world which reflects the landscape of the shamanic realms. She meets her fears, her obstacles and her deep inner knowing in her lower world, she plays out different scenarios in her middle world, connecting with what is and she meets her extraordinary strength, wisdom and available guidance in her upper world.

A Shamanic Craftswoman is a gatekeeper and a way shower.  She is an Earthkeeper, a Birthkeeper and she hears the whisperings of nature and responds.  She has access to and utilises the feminine way and honours this energy in her role as a Shamanic Craftswoman.  She is courageous, because she knows that to hold and shine the light for others she cannot hide, she is on the same journey.   She knows to heal she must heal herself, she must be present to her own journey, attend to her own practice of self-awareness and be connected with the energy of the Earth and the wisdom of the cycles so she can be a guide for others.

The Shamanic Craftswoman is comfortable and experienced with the landscapes and possibilities of the shamanic journey enabling her to be ‘with woman’ in her inner and outer worlds.  She knows that a woman’s journey through menstruation, pregnancy, birth, mothering and menopause holds the opportunity for deep self-awareness and healing.  She understands and appreciates the interconnectedness of all life and believes that by reclaiming the power, magic and healing potential of the cycles of Nature and through raising consciousness, supporting and reawakening deep feminine wisdom, healing birth and healing the Earth.


What might a session with me as a Shamanic Womancrafter look like ~

This is process work, which means a series of sessions are required to utilise the different techniques of healing and at the outset of our time together we agree a time commitment to your healing process.  Usually a minimum of four sessions are required when first working together to explore and shift issues which you bring for us to explore in our sessions.  Individual sessions are available to book once we have laid the foundations of this initial time frame.  Contact me for more information.

This feminine Shamanic way includes working with the drum, exploring different inner realms for balance and insight.  Understanding our feminine cycles and our deep connection with the lunar cycle helps to restore balance and release held trauma.  We will work together to follow the thread of the issue back to the root to transform and heal, calling all the insight and medicine of that time in for your integration to greater wholeness.  There are practices that involve sacred craft, working with art in an intentional way as an expression of your subconscious self that knows what you need to come into balance.  Movement and visualisations are also used to gain greater awareness of how or why one would respond to challenges of difficulties, connecting with the body to shift patterns and behaviours.

A Shamanic Womancrafter enables women to find their own way home by supporting the individual through these psychological experiential techniques.  The process of this midwifing of the soul enables women to revisit points in time that hold trauma or loss, commonly experienced at the threshold of an unacknowledged rite of passage.  The techniques are effective at working through anxiety and emotional issues that root back into a person’s past shaping the way they live their lives now.  Many people experiencing PTSD from difficult female centred processes have benefited from this transformational work.  Reclaiming pivotal times in a woman’s life and re-sacralising them to bring meaning helps to change patterns and habits.  These psychological healing practices help to decode behaviour to bring freedom and balance, restoring harmony, vitality and bring meaning back into a person’s way of being.


“The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a midwife to the awakening of the Soul in another person.”  PLATO


I have worked for three years with Jane Hardwicke Collings, the Founder of Moonsong and the School of Shamanic Womancraft (formally known as the School of Shamanic Midwifery) I completed the yearlong Four Seasons Journey which enables me to practice as Shamanic Womancrafter.


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