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Red School

Formaly known as Women's Quest, founders Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer share their radical approach to women’s leadership, creativity and spiritual life based on a uniquely feminine way – the menstrual cycle.

Red Schools work is feminine centric, working with the powers of the menstrual cycle and the impact this has on all aspects of a woman in her life time, from Menarche to Menopause and beyond.

Menstruality is the exciting new revolution happening in women’s health and wellbeing, healing and therapeutic disciplines, coaching, education and leadership, and feminine spiritual practice.

The core principles Red School encourage women to connect to is Menstrual Cycle Awareness or MCA.  This enables women to really come to know themselves by noting physical, emotional and energetic shifts in their day to day life.  This way of logging the ever changing experience for women enables one to truly see the patterns and pathways that each of us takes following the ebb and flow of our hormones.

The 'Menstrual Medicine Circle' is a healing process offered by Red School Menstruality educators who have completed the 'Menstrual Medicine Circle Process' (MMCP) Facilitator training.  It is designed to help restore your inner ecology as a women, the natural energetic, psycho-spiritual ‘flow’ or order of the menstrual cycle, to create a greater feeling of integration and wholeness.   This healing process enables women to journey to their inner knowing, and instinctive ways of being by delving into the unconscious realms which play out via the whole of our menstrual cycle. 

A women is held and witnessed in this sacred space and has the chance to explore the energy of the four phases of the cycle.  Discovering how threshold days are experienced when the energy transits from one phase to another and how triggers or the inner critic shows up, are all insightful gold for supporting women to learn, grow and release out moded patterns.  This is a powerful way of supporting women to connect to their own inner oracle and commune with their unique womb wisdom.  It opens a dialogue with visions, symbols and sensations as a way to gain insight and clarity around outter worldly experiences and well as inner emotional processes. A Menstrual Medicine Circle helps to restore the natural order of your cycle and anchor you deeply within your coreself.

For more information on working with me in a Menstrual Medicine Circle do get in touch.

You can learn more about Red Schools great work and watch interviews on the power of menstruality here.

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