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Menstrual Medicine Circles

The Menstrual Medicine Circle or MMC is an intimate journey into the core of woman through the menstrual cycle.  We know that menstruality is a term used for all life stages of womanhood, which means this is a process for all women whether menstruating or not.  Menstruality is not just concerned with the winter bleed aspect of the menstrual cycle but all the defining characteristics of the fullness of the cycle. Preovulation, Ovulation, Premenstrum and Menstruation.

These four phases correlate to the inner seasons of woman and also her life seasons.  The MMC enables women to walk her inner landscape to gain more information and inner wisdom on how best to balance, increase self-care and support challenges in life.

The MMC is a supportive tool for women trying to find ground with physical symptoms within the menstrual cycle or with menopause.  It helps with emotional balance and transitional phenomena. It is a fantastic tool in supporting women to come to know themselves and root into their authentic life path gifting insight and spiritual guidance.

Working in alignment with your cycle supports greater vitality, reduced stress levels and an improved connection to your own inner resources which is great when feeling overwhelmed, sensitive or in need up upping your self-care practices. It can be particularly supportive for women preparing for pregnancy and those transitioning through the menopause, not just for women wishing to get a handle on their menstrual experiences.


The Menstrual Medicine Circle is an embodied self-development process which provides a safe way to explore your inner landscape, to commune with your deep core and find ways to bring about healing from your own source of wisdom.  This is a deeply transformative process which is an imaginal journey of self-exploration and allows women to tap into their own soul medicine. It supports women to restore their flow of energy, their cycles and their creativity.  The MMC develops a new way of relating to the self by tracking and listening to your inner voice. 


A Menstrual Medicine Circle is a somatic experience which brings a tender awareness and unfolding for women. During a session you will receive clear tips on how to repair or heal aspects of your cycle, and find your own inner medicine for empowerment, vitality and wellbeing.   The MMC enables a greater insight to the self and it continues to echo and reveal more medicine and healing in the days and weeks after a session.  

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