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Hormone Harmony -
Natural Fertility, Menstruality and Menopausal Support

I completed the first circle of the Women’s Quest Apprenticeship training with Women’s Health Educator and author Alexandra Pope from Red School in 2011.  The Woman’s Quest Apprenticeship is a radical new approach to leadership training for women based on a uniquely female model of development: the menstrual cycle and the psychological and spiritual developmental journey from menarche through menopause into a woman's mature years.

It is the first comprehensive training of its kind in the world exploring and developing the exciting new discipline of Menstruality, a discipline that is set to change the way we approach women’s wellbeing at all levels of our personal and professional development, creative and spiritual life.

In this year long training I discovered myself in ways I had not dreamt of.  The simple yet powerful tools learnt during this training opened doors to ways of being and enabled me to connect deeply with myself as a woman which was profoundly healing and supportive.  I was able to work directly with traumatic physical symptoms and heal deep emotional rents that kept me disconnected and disembodied.

The work of Menstruality is for all women.  It is a guiding principle and practice that fosters a greater understanding of how we actually function biologically, emotionally and energetically as women.  It is an empowering tool for women to reclaim this monthly process as something sacred and nourishing, rather than the awful experiences so many women experience today.  This way of working enables women to find natural methods of contraception, whilst understanding their cycles so innately to know when to use methods to prevent pregnancy, or how to work in synch with the menstrual cycles to support fertility and conception in conscious aware ways. 

The fullness of Woman and the transitions she jounrneys are honoured totally.  Many women crossing the threshold of menopause feel at sea with the changes and the demands family life and culture place on them.  Working together with this process will help to bring meaning to the physical signs and symptoms one may experience, whilst shifting perceptions so that this stage of life is cherished and welcomed, rather than feared and resented or resisted.

You can book sessions with me to bring insight and healing with issues around Menstruation, Fertility and Menopause.  You may choose to work with me to heal and move beyond birth trauma or release grief around a termination.  I incorporate the tools learnt from Red School's Women's Quest training, my role as Menstruality Mentor and my experience of over 20 years working in natural medicine to support you in making changes that transform difficult or traumatic symptoms and health challenges.

Premenstrual tension, menstrual pain, stress and many other disorders associated with the menstrual cycle, shifting patterns with Menopause or difficulties around conception can be better understood when addressing emotional and hormonal imbalances. Facing the underlying issues or themes surrounding physical or emotional challanges often highlight clear signposts directing us to health and healing.

I work inclusively using tools from my varied skill set to support and guide you through your journey, fostering a greater connection with your feminine self.   To bring health and wellbeing and catalyse a shift in perception which supports greater self-care and health.  This can be an exciting reawakening process where with natural medicine, nutrition, practical, creative projects, ceremony and ritual help you to really know what makes you tick, and how to feel truly connected to your passions, as well as create deep profound physical and emotional healing.

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