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Feminine Awakening Healing

As an Advanced Level 3 Moon Mother, I offer a number of different healing practices from the Feminine Awakening Healing System.

Womb Blessings, Womb Healings, Soul Pattern Healing, The Gift - Healing for Men to come into alignement with their authentic Masculine, Awakening to Sacredness Womb Blessings, Opening to Peace Womb Blessings and Archetype Womb Blessings can all be shared with women past Menarche, their first menstruation. 

These healing modalities are helpful for women to integrate what it means to be a Woman, they support the release and transformation of deep stored emotions and aid in balancing hormones and the cycle. Research shows that women store these held repressed or supressed emotions in the womb which is our creative centre, and in turn how this effects how we are in the world in our proffesional, personal and intimate lives.  The Feminine Awakening Healing System is also really supportive for those who no longer have their wombs or ovaries and wish to bring balance.

 The Womb Blessing Attunement

A Womb Blessing is a beautiful and powerful way to accept and honour our femininity and to bring transformational healing to your womb, female energies and soul.  It releases blocked emotions and patterns, awakens and strengthens the prescence of the Divine Feminine.  It helps you to accept love, celebrate and enjoy all the beauty, strength, wisdom and creativity we have as women.

A Womb Blessing is an energetic attunement that activates the four archetypes held within the womb space and supports a return to balance within these centres.

Womb Healing

A Womb Healing is a gentle supportive way to awaken and revitalise your womb centre and its female archetypal energies and bring self-empowerment. self-confidence and well-being.  It also helps the integration of the Womb Blessing energy and experiences.  The healing allows each centre within the womb to expand or contract as is requireed to bring balance and vitality.

Soul Pattern Healing

Soul Pattern Healing is a restorative healing method that supports and balances our feminine system.  The focus of the treatment is based around clearing imbalances in the energy body and supporting the body to make hormonal shifts and adjustments.  This is an awakening form of healing that is helpful in shifting old out moded patterns, great for changing your paradigm in terms of awareness and feminine health.

This practice brings vital energy and activation to the three main female energy centres within this body of work.  The womb or the Cauldron centre, the heart or the Chalice centre and and the brow or Star centre have gateways which connect to the differing female archetypes. Working with these points help to clear and activate a womans soul patterns, bringing about healing and transformation at each of the three levels.  The Cauldron reflects the everyday expression of the archtypes, the Chalice reflects relationships and connections, and the Star relfects enlightenment and universal connection.

The Gift

The Gift is a healing practice specifically for men to receive from the Divine Feminine which supports them in aligning with their authentic Masculine.  This is a supportive loving practice which can be given as often as required and aids men in accessing their feminine aspects which are part of their natural way of being. 

The Gift can be given with a Womb Blessing to a man and a woman in preperation for a wedding or relationship commitment and is a beautiful way to bring loving sacredness in ceremony.

Awakening to Sacredness Womb Blessing

Purpose of this Blessing is an acknowledgement by a woman of;

  • the surrender of herself and of her life to the Divine Feminine
  • the Sacredness of the Divine Feminine within her
  • of her belonging to the Divine Feminine
  • committing to be in service to the Divine Feminine


This attunement may be given as often as a woman wishes in her life

Opening to Peace Womb Blessing

Purpose of this Blessing is to bring deep peace into the whole of woman’s being.

It may be given as often as a woman wishes in her life.

Archetype Womb Blessing Attunements

A Level 3 Moon Mother is able to offer women four Womb Blessing Attunements, one for each of the four female archetypes.  They can be helpful with the following;


  • To help a woman to accept and connect to all aspects of a specific archetype or cycle phase
  • To help a woman heal and express a specific archetypes energies of cycle phase more fully in her life.
  1. Focus on areas of her life where she needs the help of a specific archetypes energies
  2. Deepen her experience of the specific energies of a cycle phase, lunar phase or season.



Maiden Blessings


  • Dynamic Woman Activation
  1. Opening to empowerment and new beginnings
  2. Blessing the pre-ovulation phase
  3. Blessing the threshold of Menarche


Alignment to the Maiden energies will support a woman with motivation, hope, positive attitude, self-confidence, mental and physical energy, fresh start, new projects, emotional detachment, healthy ego, self-development, growth, achievement, inner child, new energy, passion, inner purity, beauty and work.



Mother Blessings


  • Loving Woman Activation
  1. Opening to love and nourishment
  2. Blessing the ovulation phase
  3. Blessing the threshold of Motherhood


Alignment to the Mother energies will support a woman with love, gentleness, empathy, understanding, new relationships, emotional connection, emotional balance, patience, nurturing, harmony, manifesting in the physical, motherhood, life partnerships, abundance, practical creativity, community and nourishment.



Enchantress Blessings


  • Wild Woman Activation
  1. Opening to wildness and self
  2. Blessing the premenstrual phase
  3. Blessing the threshold of menopause


Alignment to the Enchantress energies will support a women with self-expression, freedom, wild inspiration, intuition, sensuality, personal magic, magical connection, letting go, clearing old patterns, disconnection, releasing control, flexibility, transforming fears and negativity, inner critic, creative energy, making space, empowerment, manifesting magic in everyday life. 

Crone Blessings


  • Wise Woman Activation
  1. Opening to soulfulness and guidance
  2. Blessing the Menstrual phase
  3. Blessing the threshold of Eldership


Alignment to the Crone energies will support a woman with belonging, centeredness, grounding, acceptance, inner strength, wholes, trust in the flow, direction, certainty, guidance, spiritual connection, surrender to the Divine, softening the ego, manifesting in spirit, help with meditation/mindfulness, stress relief, relaxation and restoration of energies.


This work is pioneered by Reiki teacher and famous author Miranda Gray

In February 2012 Miranda Gray offered a free Worldwide Womb Blessing to any woman wishing to receive it.  It was and online community that gathered across the world at various appointed times to connect in meditation.  During this meditation the community received the healing, blessing and energy connected to the Sacred Feminine.  The numbers rose to 6,000 for the first group meditation and included women from all over the planet.

My experience of this blessing was so transformational that I felt deeply motivated to be a part of the Virgin certificated training of the Moon Mothers.  I attended the training in April 2012 to become a Moon Mother.  The next full moon blessing, that happened in May 2012 was received by a staggering 18,500 women.  This figure has risen for all free Worldwide Womb Blessings that have happened since and now has reached over 100,000 women with men joining in circles too!

In 2014 I went on to train as an Advanced Moon Mother so I am certified to give Womb Blessings, Womb Healings, Soul Pattern Healing and to work with men for the Male Energy Awakening Healing which is a Gift to heal and support positive relationships with the Feminine.

In 2018 I travelled to Paris to further my Moon Mother Healing to Level 3 where I offer extended Womb Blessing sessions to include Archetype Womb Blessings Blessings, 'Opening to Sacredness' Womb Blessing and 'Opening to Peace'Womb Blessing.  Do get in touch if you would like further information about these sessions.

What is the role of an Advanced Moon Mother?

  • be an active channel for the Worldwide Womb Blessing energy
  • to actively give Womb Blessings, Womb Healings and Soul Pattern Healings
  • to take part in the Worldwide Womb Blessings
  • support women and to guide them about the Womb Blessing
  • as a "Mother" she cares for the women who come to her
  • to work with men in offering Male Energy Awakening Healing which is a Gift   to transform and heal issues and relationships with the Feminine.

By giving the Womb Blessing the Moon Mother helps women;

  • heal, renew and feel empowered
  • know what it is to be female and embody the female soul
  • accept their bodies, their lives, fertility, creativity, sexuality and their spirituality
  • journey through the challenges and changes of life
  • acknowledge, celebrate and express being a woman
  • celebrate the first bleeding, the last bleeding, new life and death, new beginnings and new endings
  • celebrate the moon phases, the seasons and the menstrual cycle
  • connect with the Divine Feminine and welcome her presence in their lives
  • feel part of a worldwide female spiritual family


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