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Blue Moon Blessing Essence Stock


This is a 'Stock' strength blend of the Essences made on the August Blue Moon in 2012.  It is a combination of Silver Goddess Moonstone, Womb Blessing Quartz and String of Hearts Rosary Vine.  This essence mixture has been made to support women with Womb Blessings and Womb Healings.  It helps to integrate the healing energy smoothly and aid any changes within the cycle or hormonal systems.  It is a soothing balm and gives a sense of being held by the 'Mother' .  It has been descibed as a 'warm embrace' and nourishment from the Goddess. 

You can read more here on the specifics of the combination on essences.  The stock is made with out the essential oils and can be used safely for all.  Drops can be taken internally in water or directly on the tongue.  It can also be used in the bath by adding just a few drops to the water.  A drop or two in the palms of the hands and inhaled also offers a soothing way of experiencing the energy signature of this remedy.

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Miranda Gray quotes on the Blue Moon Blessing Essence

"  The Blue Moon Blessing Essence has been created by one of the first Moon Mothers. 

Use daily after the Personal Blessing or after the Worldwide Womb Blessing to help you to ground and integrate the beautiful energies and to bring the Divine Feminine into your life.

It is especially supportive for Active Moon Mothers and the spray has the most beautiful scent. 

I highly recommend it and use it in all my Moon Mother training workshops.  "

Miranda Gray



Blue Moon Blessing Stock

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