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Blue Moon Blessing Essence Atomiser

This unique handcrafted and beautiful blend of essences were made on the August full moon 2012.  Womb Blessing Quartz, Silver Goddess Moonstone and String of Hearts Rosary Vine make up this vibrational essence blend.

 Key words for this Essence

Patience  Surrender  Intuition  Cleansing  Integration  ~  Heart  ~  Roots

Support in grief and turmoil  Protection  Courage to enter the void  ~  Moon

Sensitivity  ~  Reclaiming lost / hidden aspects of the self  ~  Yin  ~  Sacral  ~  Earth

Cyclical  ~  Transformation  Trust in divine timing  Sensuality  ~  Sexuality

Embodiment of the Sacred Feminine  Energising  ~  Purification  ~  Womb

Fullness of the Goddess in her four aspects   Emotional balance  Reflective

Universal Love  Community/sisterhood  Water  Crown  ~ Third eye      

The Womb Blessing Quartz is a quartz crystal that was programmed to hold all the love and healing energy from the Moon Mother trainings with Miranda Gray and has been used on my altar specifically for all the Womb Blessings and healing work.  This holds the purity and grace that is channelled with each Blessing and helps to reawaken our key energy centres as women.  It opens our wombs, our creative centres to the earth whilst connecting to the sensual loving light from the moon and calling this down through us, back to source.  This has a cleansing, restorative healing action that embodies the concept of being a vessel of light for the Divine. It helps to resolve past hurt and imbalances.


Silver Goddess Moonstone was made with four moons of Rainbow Moonstone and traditional Moonstone.  The four moons represent each phase of the moon.  The addition of a Silver Triple Moon Goddess and a Silver Hare gives the complete aspect of the Goddess in her four elements.  This can be seen most notably with the menstrual cycle, which is often linked to the four seasons.  This missing aspect of the Goddess is aligned to the premenstrual phase and is often called the Enchantress or Maga.  This phase relates to the introverted, sensitive, intuitive energy that women experience after ovulation and before menstruation.   This is a time where women need to attend to their personal medicine and often become irritable, frustrated or angry when they deny their own needs in place of their husbands, partners, children or work commitments.  In its positive influence it aligns to the heightened sensitivities and more magical elements of womanhood.  Moonstone is reputed to revel to women their feminine power and their connection to the Goddess, it enhances intuition and clairvoyance.  It cleanses the aura and teaches us the value of Divine timing.  It allows patience and appropriate action.  Rainbow Moonstone specifically assists in clearing the psychic senses; it brings joy to one’s energy field and is useful in clearing the emotional body and easing trauma.  Moonstone is recommended for anyone who suffers from daily stress or who carries old emotional wounds or grief.  Silver is a strong Yin metal and is linked to the moon.  Its reflective quality protects from harmful negative energy and enables a clear attitude to see the situation from outside the self.  It helps to cleanse the body and eliminate toxins on a cellular level.


String of Hearts Rosary Vine has a delicate gentle feminine energy which plugs directly into the Sacred Holy Feminine.  It connects us to the dark void that sits within us as women and touches our root, the seat of all creative energy for us.  It facilitates a sense of comfort and protection within this dark void, it calls us to surrender and sit in patience in the void, trusting that the light of creation will shine forth for us. In this total surrender we are able to birth anything we wish into our lives.  This delicate energy is not to be mistaken for weakness, as a vine it has a strength and tenacity for growth.  It links the individual into a support network, fostering a sense of connection and community.  This essence communicates love effectively out into the world.  This is a love that goes beyond human beings and friends; it encourages a Universal Love for all life.


Essential oils diluted in Jojoba oil have been included to ground this energy.  Peru Balsam is a soothing sensuous oil that has a strong earth energy.  Frangipani is an enchanting oil that epitomizes divine perfection.  It is said to invoke the highest form of spiritual and sensual love.  It is valued for its emotionally uplifting properties aiding those working through psychological blockages associated with love and sexual fulfilment.  It connects heart and base centres together.  Bay has been used in a minute amount for its psychic protection and cleansing action.  The purifying element has been known for the ability in bringing warmth and light to any dark situation.


Holding this unique blend together is Orange flower water which has a beautiful uplifting, light-hearted tone and water gathered from the Sacred Chalice Well in Glastonbury.  Water from the Sacred Well is long acknowledged as the essence of life and a gift from Mother Earth.

Due to the inclusion of Bay, it is not recommended for

direct use on the skin in pregnancy

If you have any concerns please consult your practioner

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Miranda Gray quotes on the Blue Moon Blessing Essence

"  The Blue Moon Blessing Essence has been created by one of the first Moon Mothers. 

Use daily after the Personal Blessing or after the Worldwide Womb Blessing to help you to ground and integrate the beautiful energies and to bring the Divine Feminine into your life.

It is especially supportive for Active Moon Mothers and the spray has the most beautiful scent. 

I highly recommend it and use it in all my Moon Mother training workshops.  "

Miranda Gray



Blue Moon Blessing

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