9 Month Spiral of 'Sacred Hearth' - DEPOSIT


PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE DEPOSIT FOR SACRED HEARTH'S FULL 9 MONTH SPIRAL, read all details below prior to completing deposit payment. Begins October 29th 2022 and runs until 17th June 2023.

Working together on the land in circle we will explore ways of listening to each other and ourselves, so as to expand our capacity to hold, bring and shine our luminosity whilst clearing limiting beliefs and patterns. This is a journey of reclamation, of connecting with your authentic self, whilst deepening into the fullness of who you are and who you are Becoming.

This is a journey of embodiment and you will cultivate ways of being present and bring presence to your life. In the nine months together you will learn ways of connecting with nature’s harmonious healing frequencies for support and to enhance your own development, health and wellbeing.  You will be expected to attend all nine gatherings as each circle lays foundation stones for the next.


Somatic movement, music, breath work, shamanic journeys, sacred creativity, herbcraft and sharing circles will foster heartfelt connection and transformational initiation for body, mind and spirit. This is an opportunity to grow, expand and to find meaning in these uncertain times.

Clare has worked in Women’s Health and Wellness as facilitator, healer and guide for over 20 years. Circles are one Saturday per month at Springside at the Clarity Vibration Clinic in the beautiful Blackdown Hills. The nature of this work means groups are small and intimate, so spaces are limited.

Saturday Circle Dates for Sacred Hearth are as follows:

Gatherings run from 10am - 5.30pm

29th October 29th

26th Novemeber

17th December

14th January

4th February

11th March

15th April

13th May

17th June



There is a payment scale available for the full Spiral of Sacred Hearth. Please indicate at time of purchase via email which scale you are paying for. It is important that this process is available to all and finance shouldn’t be the reason preventing someone from participating.

Payment plans are available if agreed upon at the outset. Please get in touch to discuss this further. Those who feel abundant; your payment supports and enables others to join. Thank you so much!

Low waged :  Full spiral £585 

or 8 x £55 per month + £150 deposit paid on booking

Waged :  Full spiral £675

or 8 x £66 per month + £150 deposit paid on booking

Abundantly Waged :  Full spiral £765 

or 8 x £77 per month + £150 deposit paid on booking

I look forward to welcoming you here on the land at Springside for this potent journey to your Inner Sacred Hearth.

Do get in touch if you have any questions, feel called or curious about whether this is right for you.



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