Gorse 30ml Stock Essence


Gorse Flower Essence

The energy of this plant is dynamic, direct and potent.

Solar Brightness which clears stagnation and negativity.

This essence gives a poke to wake up and shift negativity bringing joy and renewed hope.

The scent of the blooms evokes time spent relaxing in sunny climbs, sun warming deep in to the bones.  Replenishing - Rejuvenating - Rooting.

Gorse is hardy.  It grows in wild places and weathers all. The sharp spines protect and prevent it being eaten by livestock or deer but the balmy coconut scented flowers call to bees and insects to come and drink of its nectar.  This is why it has such sharp stems to protect this honey like nectar.

Hope, clarity, positivity, joy and boundaries.

This essence will help clear dark days, limiting beliefs and old stuck ways of being.  Gorse is deeply energising. its golden frequency illuminates and radiates.  Change comes with renewed hope.

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