Drum Birthing Day - Deposit


Medicine Drum Crafting Day

9am to 6pm



This will be a special ceremonial day birthing a Shamanic Medicine Drum here in the beautiful Blackdown Hills. It will be a full day of crafting where you will learn the skills to make and birth your own shamanic drum, a sacred tool made by your own hands, with your own prayers, energies, intentions and love. Crafting your own sacred tools is a powerful way to access your own power and wisdom, working with your own specific affirmations and intentions to support your Fullself as an act of loving kindness and active meditation.


A drum is a guide to lead you within the depths of your inner realms for support, guidance, medicine and healing. Working with the drum beat, the rhythm of our own hearts and that of our Great Mother Earth supports us in accessing our own healing and intuitive wisdom.

We will explore the unique blessings from the hides and trees we work with, offering deep respect and connection to their energies and dynamic life energy. You will journey to meet with the spirit of your drum to build connection and receive messages around the role or gifts of the drum. All drums are made from one hide so that each drum crafted is working specifically with the power and spirit of the animal. All materials are ethically and consciously sourced.


You will craft a Deer Drum and beater.

Cost for the full day, all materials, drum journey and refreshments is £255

£100 deposit confirms your place.


The remaining £155 needs to be paid by Friday 1st of July and can be transfered through paypal or direct bank transfer.

Payment plans are available and need to be agreed once deposit has been settled.

Get in touch if you have any questions clare@clarityvibration.com


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