Springside Heartspace Seasonal Gatherings


Sunday 1.30 -5.30pm nearest the astrological date of the sabbat

We will come together on the land at Springside with fire and an opportunity to create ritual intention for each seasonal festival across the year.

Heart opening ceremonial cacao will open our sharing circle so we can ground and connect to the land before moving on to other activities and chances for quite reflection in the meadow.

The energy of each seasonal festival will be exlored in relation to our own Inner Seasons as women; from the Awakening Maiden, to the Fertile Mother, The Harvest Queen of Maga and the Wise Crone. Each quality will provoke enquiry and reflection for us to grow the connection from ourselves to our beautiful Earth.

I look forward to welcoming you to 'Springside Heartspace' and the excitement of sharing this beautiful land.

Dress warmly with good sturdy outdoor shoes or wellies and what you need to be comfortable, dry and warm.

There will be hot drinks and vegetarian snacks provided

The Gathering dates are as follows;

Beltane – May 5th

Litha; Midsummers day – June 23rd

Lammas – August 11th

Mabon; Autumn Equinox – September 22nd

Samhain – October 27th

Yule – Dec 22nd

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