Feminine Awakening Worldwide Womb Blessing Circle


Five times a year nearly 200,000 women gather internationally to connect to Feminine Awakening Energy through the Womb Blessing. This circle will enable women to share in the healing energetic meditations and come together to build a transformative community of sisters.

As a trained Level 3 Moon Mother who has worked with Miranda Gray and the Womb Blessing energy since 2012 holding space and running circles for the Worldwide Womb Blessing is an absloute joy.

Come and experience this healing heartening energy and connect to your womb space, the seat of your power as a woman.

Why not use this time to carve out some stillness which is nourishing and rich in selfcare. Come and join us for the healing meditations and experinece some direct hands on healing from this lineage of cyclical lunar feminine blessing. We will be sharing in circle and exploring the four feminine archetypes which reside within our sacred womb space and learning how these characteristics play out in our day to day lives.

Read more about the Womb Blessing here www.wombblessing.com/

https://www.clarityvibration.com/feminine-awakening-healing" target="_blank">www.clarityvibration.com/feminine-awaken ing-healing

To book your space in the circle for £20 please contact Clare -

clare@clarityvibration.com 07596 409354

Teas, snacks and materials are provided.

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