Maga Essence 50ml Aura Spray


Supports threshold journeys to personal power

Grounding Kundalini Activations

Finding keys to your deep self

Rewilding connection to your core nature

Maga is a companion for use through the rite of menopause. It offers a psychic cloak which lessens the grip of anxiety or stress, It is a balm to soothe the nervous system, creating space for reflection and discernment.


It aids releasing that which no longer serves, allowing for the natural composting process clearing the way for a new way of being. Maga helps women to access and trust their own innate wisdom. It fosters a more balanced approach to life, calling one to be fully present to triggers or power surges which arise to burn off negativity.


Traditional magical wisdom plant energies enable intuitive sensitivities to flourish, encouraging access to visioning dream time. This blend supports Enchantress Wise Woman qualities of Knowing and Being, supporting a more confident acceptance of who you are, and who you will Become in this journey and rite to perosnal power.


Maga can also be used during the premenstrual phase of the cycle. Using it in this way supports women to access their Wild Wise Woman, to ride the Egoic death that we experience each month in readiness for the perimenopausal dance. Each month we have an opportunity to clear that which is no longer needed and drop more into our fullness. Maga fosters personal acceptance and a reclamation of the shadow self, which ultimately gifts the user a sense of integrated Wholeness.


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