Abundance Essence 100ml Aura Spray


Abundance flows when gratitude grows.  Open to receive.  You are more than enough.

This blend helps to shift any poverty  consciousness and open new avenues to welcome prosperity and serendipity. 

Abundance Essence opens the door to great opportunities, offers a grounded way to shift the sense of worthiness to receive, and supports the user to connect to that which they can be grateful for.

When we shift our paradigm around that which we receive and bring our energies into the awareness of the richness in our lives, our reality then reflects this by giving us more of what we are ‘buying into’. What we ‘pay attention’ to is a transaction with source energy, we are asking for more of what we focus on. Opening our hearts and breathing into all that we are truly thankful for programs us to have more of that!! Who doesn’t want more of the good stuff right?!

The essences in this blend enable the user to feel supported so that life flows for them, opening the door for blessings to arrive effortlessly. Using the aura spray enhances synchronicities and connects you to your own inner guidance so that you find yourself in the right space at the right time.

A large part of this energy signature is about opening the heart and opening the mind, shifting the perception that you are worthy to receive. Remember You are more than enough and worthy of abundance in all its forms.

Use this aura spray to ground your dreams, hopes and visions into realisation.

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