Menarche One to One Month Long Journey


Reframing, reclaiming and revisiting menarche for women of all ages has such a potent healing capacity.

One to one menarche work enables women to really visit parts of their psyche that they perhaps would feel limited or restricted in shining a light on in a group. Many times women wish to join a circle but the dates never tally or the geography is too great so working online opens up all possibilitites for healing. Working in this way can be a deeply intimate process.

We meet intially to discuss the process and get a sense of the story or experience needing to be met in the unforlding of the Menarche process. There are then prompts and questions sent to help unravel the years of patterns, challenges or health issues. During the 4 week process we remain in contact via email and you receive guided visualisations, audio recordings and medtitations to deepen and anchor the journey of reclaimation for your maiden self. This is a feminine process of soul retrieval which supports calling all unmet, denied, banished aspects that need loving and welcoming back in for wholeness, integration and authentic healing.

I craft a unique Clarity Vibration essence blend to hold and support you in the dissolution process, to give you ground and offer a loving container for what ever is needed for you in the process. These are bespoke vibrational essences made from flower, plant, light, crystal, environments and are deeply alchemical.

We then come together online for the ceremonial process, this is personal to each individual and elements of the journey are woven into the experience for a truly medicinal, soul healing rite of passage, a crossing of a threshold with a full presence and awareness which enables you to access your own reset button.

Do get in touch if you would like to learn more.

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