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Celestial Essence 100ml Aura Spray


Celestial Essence is made with crystals of Clear Topaz and Labradorite, homoeopathic Spectrum (Rainbow!) and a unique formular of essential oils. It is a blend of solar and lunar energies.

It will gift the user a sense of uplifting joy and clarity, and offer a grounded connection to the higher realms, whilst improving interpretation, communication and guidance.

Use of the spray can support one through shifts and growth where Divine inspiration is required to bring in new ways of being that serve your highest awareness.

There is support to journey to inner worlds to source information and guidance on how to manifest and move forward to one’s true Calling free from fear and anxiety.

This is a soothing and calming mix that supports one to tap directly into their intuition and vision a colourful future that serves their highest calling.

For more information about the ingredients and uses of this essence in English please click here

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