White Sage Stick


Sage is the most commonly known herb used for cleansing with smoke and has been used by our ancient ancestors all over the world for ritual purification and sacred work.  Burnt to wash away negative energy, the smoke carries the energy attached to person, space or place away for transmutation.  Californian White Sage ( Salvia Alpine ) is sacred to the Native American and Shamanic practice of smudging.  Sage ( Salvia Officionalis ) is used most commonly within the Celtic European traditions, usually made and harvested locally from ones garden.

The plant gives a feeling of well-being, expansiveness, and relaxation.  This magical herb is burned to purify and drive away illness and is used as a nerve tonic and mild sedative.   It's a good plant for working on pessimism and for protecting against negative influences.  It is especially helpful in cleansing spaces where quarrels have occurred.   It is calming, soothing and brings clarity and positivity.  It is a great herb to use in preparation for any sacred healing or ritualistic work, for protection or potentising sacred tools for your altar.

Use with a fire proof ceramic dish as ash can drop and burn easily.   Hold in a flame for a few moments and allow the smoke to wash over areas needing clearing and energising.  Do not leave unattended as this herb will continue to burn.

10cm bundle of Southern Californian White Sage ( Salvia Alpina ) stick.

Due to its natural form, the size of the stick may vary.

Ethically gathered by indiginous people in Southern California.

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