Quotes Clare's Blue Moon Blessing Essence is a beautiful grounding and comforting essence. The essence was very helpful in bringing myself to the present moment and helping me be at peace with myself. The essence brought love and sensual feelings into my life Quotes

Quotes Amazing experience, thank you, we loved meeting you and your fantastic energy too......... Blessings! Quotes

Quotes Good Morning! Just to say another heartfelt thank you for yesterday. Not just a joy to see you but to receive your beautiful Moon Mother energy! Still basking in it all! Quotes

Quotes Hello Clare! I'm the lucky lady who won the wellbeing bag from the Womanwise Herbal page. I received your Blue Moon Blessing Essence with it and I love it! It is a very relaxing and soothing essence and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for that extra sense of support and comfort. Thanks again :) Quotes

Quotes Clare's bespoke flower essence blends have helped me manifest many positive life changes. I feel more centred and in harmony with myself and others. Clare's subtle and intuitive consultation process got to the root of my issues and since taking her vibrant blends I have evolved into a happiier version of myself Quotes
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