Quotes 'The Blue Moon Blessing Essence has been created by one of the first Moon Mothers. Use daily after the Personal Blessing or after the Worldwide Womb Blessing to help you to ground and integrate the beautiful energies and to bring the Divine Feminine into your life. It is especially supportive for Active Moon Mothers and the spray has the most beautiful scent. I highly recommend it and use it in all my Moon Mother training workshops.' Miranda Quotes
Miranda Gray
Support for the Womb Blessing

Quotes I appreciate your connection to creativity and particularly how you connect that to the Sacred, that you find meaning in the beauty you create. I also enjoy your sensitivity in reading energies of other worldlyness. Quotes

Quotes Dear Clare thank you for holding the space... It indeed was a really special day and I had healing on deep level re self worth....no where would it have happened in the way it did at red tent.... Quotes

Quotes Lovely dearest Clare - thank you for such a gorgeous, nourishing day. What a beautiful circle of women we had holding each other in tenderness. Such Healing! Quotes

Quotes I've had the pleasure of being supported by Clare's homeopathy, vibrational medicines and wise guidance for over a year now and I can't begin to explain how magical, healing and soulful this journey has been. She had skilfully shown me a way deeper inside myself than I could have ever believed was possible. Clare is a vastly experienced practitioner who speaks clearly from her heart and is deeply connected to the rhythms of her womb and the moon. Quotes
Colette Nolan aka Lady Cunt Love

Quotes I was the first one to buy the Blue Moon Blessing Essence and it still feels quite special :) I was feeling very unsettled at that time and not really knowing where to go next with the beautiful but powerful energy that the October blessing had stirred up for me. The Blue Moon Blessing Essence really helped me to ground: I did the blessing before sleeping, lying in bed, and sprayed the essence all around me at the end. I had one of the deepest nights sleep in ages and when I woke up I felt like I have been held and cuddled by Mother Earth herself all night..... Thank you Clare for birthing such a special gift for us all <3 Quotes

Quotes This beautiful essence, created by an equally beautiful Moon Mother, is supportive and grounding. And it smells divine! Sprayed into the aura, it connect us to the deep and enveloping presence of the Goddess so that we receive Her strength, Her beauty, Her grace and Her love. I offer the Blue Moon Blessing Essence in my workshops to help Moon Mothers after their initiation and I recommend it to all Moon Mothers to help support women who have received a Womb Blessing. The essence is also a wonderful way for us to care for ourselves after the Worldwide Womb Blessing as we integrate the many energy changes. Use it also during your pre-menstrual and menstrual phases to help balance your energies, at the Full Moon to connect to the Moon Goddess, and in those moments when you want to return to your empowerment and sacredness .Clare has created a wonderful essence, thank you so much :o) Miranda Quotes
Miranda Gray
Worldwide Womb Blessings and The Blue Moon Blessing Essence

Quotes In the healing with you I relaxed enjoyed it. On the couch I went very deep. I dreamed for sometime. When the physical movement occured in me it was as if something woke up, gently and powerfully. There appeared life, aliveness and living happening in my womb area. I am more present within myself and thus more able to work effectively with others. I feel very blessed. Thank you so much Quotes

Quotes Blue Moon Blessing Essence. This essence is like a breath of radiant air on my aura everytime I use it. It has a magical quality, that can only be likened to dew in the morning sun. It awakens the senses and empowers the soul. I feel the beauty of the feminine alongside the ground of the mother, carrying me along in whatever comes along my path when I use this essence. It is a true blessing to be able to bless myself and share it in healing spaces and ritual. I feel like it makes space for and attracts the qualities I am asking to embody as a woman treading the path of the divine feminine. Quotes

Quotes Serpetine Essence. By taking this essence I felt a gentle and subtle shedding of my skin, letting go of old patterns and habit and the releasing of old identity. I felt the snake awakening, stirring deep inside and calling me to step into my full potential. Quotes
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