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Quotes The work that you offer is so hugely necessary and I thank you from a very deep place in my heart, for your sensitivity and presence. There is nothing I would change about my experience and I will forever remember you, and all the other women that came together that day. Quotes
Menarche Ceremonial Day

Quotes "The day was very special: to sit with other women in a safe space and explore the echoes of our menarche was very powerful. To be able to revision it and embody a new version was incredible. Clare is a fantastic and creative facilitator. Every woman should have the chance for at least one menarche ceremony in her life!" Quotes
Menarche Ceremonial Day

Quotes The day of the ceremony was great! I liked the fact that we were a small group of women. I connected and shared something with each one at some point, which was very special. You were a perfect "gate keeper" really held the space for us, I felt your unconditional motherly love and pure desire to help. Your words were flowing effortlessly like you've been doing this for 100 years. I felt a lot of love, care and tenderness. I feel grateful that I've been introduced to this transformational work. Quotes
Menarche Ceremonial Day

Quotes Immediately upon arriving I felt the scene was set for deep connection and sharing, I would have expected to struggle with planning the ceremony that would reflect the healing specific to my needs, yet it was set up so thoughtfully, the ideas seemed to flow effortlessly...Clare's tender, caring connection really came through and was indivually tailored for each woman's personal journey. The energy Clare brought was what sealed the magic of the process...someone else could have run the ceremony, but not necessarily stirred the same feelings of being safe, protected and nurtured in the same way in sacred space...thankyou Clare xx Quotes
Menarche Ceremonial Day

Quotes I love the way I just let out a great big sigh everytime I use the celestial spray, it just makes everything feel good and uplifting, like I can face the day. Thanks! Quotes
Celestial Essence

Quotes You know I think of you almost everyday now. I'm using your awesome Cunty Love Essence daily. I swear it is the potion that's lubricating the birth of our beautiful Red School Online. Quotes
Sjanie at Red School Online
Cunty Love Essence

Quotes The Crimson Circle was an amazing experience for me, basically it was my first ongoing womens group which I have been longing to part of. I realized the importance of regular meetings and sharings with other sisters and allowed myself to land after a busy day at work once a week, to drop deep and be seen and accepted wherever I am at that very moment. I feel I managed to express myself more openly (as in using my voice) and also to speak out in front of others without shame - which has been part of my shadow ? feeling like nobody is interested in what I have to say and it really feels like it has been transformed during this time and this journey! I learnt how to more consciously work with my blood in a ritualistic way and gained deeper understanding of the cycle and its phases. Quotes
The Crimson Circle

Quotes I signed up to the Menarche day as I have had experience of Clare's work before, and think it is of real value for women. I think there is a lot we can learn from different stages of our cycle. The day was well structured, and felt very relaxed, informative and friendly. I would recommend this to any woman who wants to get more in touch with herself and her cycle. Quotes
Menarche Ceremonial Day

Quotes The day was magical, a good balance between working in a relax and grounded way. You both took upon yourself to make us feel safe and so we could explore what needed to come out. To be special! Thank you very much Quotes
Menarche Ceremonial Day

Quotes The exercises were very simple but incredibly powerful and emotive. Clare and Marinella led the workshop with great skill and sensitivity, and in a way that enabled us to really embody and feel into the experiences and emotions around the time of our menarche. The whole workshop was a hugely positive exploration of this rite of passage and one that I would recommend to every woman that wants to reclaim their femininity and more deeply understand what this might mean to her. Deep gratitude to you both. Thank you for your presence and awareness, and for the kindness and compassion which helped me to feel safe even when it felt intensely uncomfortable. Quotes
Menarche Ceremonial Day
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