Clarity Vibration Aura Sprays - What are they, and how would you use them?

Posted on June 11, 2015 at 11:30 AM

It occurred to me that not everybody is aware of why you would use Clarity Vibration Aura Spray blends or how you would use them, so I decided to share some information about the ingredients and why you would choose to use them over other brands or blends.

Firstly they might look a little mysterious in the blue bottles with the spray top. The spray top makes the product an ‘atomiser’, just a posh name for a spray really. You could be forgiven for mistaking them as special air fresheners; they spray and they smell nice. However they are far more than that. Sure the essential oils chosen are to make them smell nice but importantly they are chosen for their medicinal or metaphysical properties. The smell is part of the action as it has an effect on the nervous system; the oils have a certain energy signature of their own depending on the plant they come from. The blue glass is used to reduce ultra violet light which affects the ingredients, so giving the blend longevity.  Like all vibrational medicine, homoeopathy and essences, they are best kept away from mobile phones, microwaves and kept out of direct sunlight.

As well as the essential oils there are many different types of vibrational essences included. A vibrational essence is a name/title/label for flower, tree, seed, crystal and environmental essences. Most people are familiar with Dr Bach’s Flower essence range. They are a blend of plants, tree, environmental and flower essences. Rescue Remedy these days is a well know first aid ‘go to’ for shock, trauma and anxiety. There are literally thousands of Vibrational Essence makers all over the world working with many different energies, harnessing them for others to use.

Burnet Rose Essence

I use many different types of essences from lots of spectrums; I make my own essences from my surrounding environment, plants in season and crystals that call to me to incorporate their energy signature for healing and transformation. These vibrational essences work well to support emotional upheaval, change and transformation and to bring a sense of holding when working on shifting patterns. They bring in a new energy to work with which can be incredibly healing.

When I formulate a blend often it is the essence of a plant or crystal that triggers the recipe, they communicate to me how they wish to be formulated and with what to bring a wholeness and fullness to the spray. They come into being for specific issues or scenarios. The blends are made up in such a way that they can be used to suit the situation. For some the sprays are ideal for cleansing a space, a room or a personal environment. They are great for spraying in a therapeutic setting to clear the space between clients or to add energy to the work the therapist is already doing. They can be used to as a personal body spray that cloaks the user in an energetic balm, a protective space or to place them in a state of healing. They are also great to use in workshops or healing circles where using cleansing smoke or smudge might not be appropriate.

Transition Essence

My intention when working to create formulas for use by others is to be a clear vessel, a hollow bone so that the communication of the plant, crystal or environment is clean and untainted. I work conscientiously to be fully present to all aspects of the process and observe many ceremonial practices during the making process. I observe my environment, the elements and elementals, the guardians of the place I am working with. I aim to capture a clear experience for others to tap into and use. I give thanks for the opportunity to work with each particular energy, for the wisdom it brings and the opportunity to share it with others.

Brockley Cave Environmental Essence


On spraying the blends the energy of the essential oils and the vibrational essences are immediately in your space and energy field. They work by shifting the frequency gently around you and within. Often you can feel the direct shift when you pay attention and create stillness in using the blends. They help to bring awareness and presence to everyday situations.    Clarity Vibration Essences are made in the south west of england by hand with conscious loving care and attention.


I create blends that are available commercially for all to use. These can be found in the Clarity Vibration shop

You can also work with me to create a unique formulation for any situation or event that needs support, holding or impetus to shift stuck patterns. If you would like a blend made especially for you please get in touch

Bespoke Clarity VIbration Blends - 100ml Atomiser or 30ml Dropper

If you would like any information on ingredients or blends or would like to discuss having a blend made for you please make contact.


Bright Blessings





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