Cutting the ties that bind

Posted on October 2, 2013 at 10:45 AM

Human creatures are adept at holding on to stuff, and by stuff I mean the unnecessary, unwanted, unconcious, unowned baggage that holds them back in living their lives!!! This 'stuff' or emotional baggage is often carried unwittingly for long periods of time without people being truly aware of it. When we carry something for long enough our body compensates so that we adapt and find a way to cope with the imbalance. It can be as simple as the type of handbag you use and how it effects your shoulder or've used it for so long that your body begins to show signs of the strain and you might feel achey, or more chronically have structural issues, depending on how much junk you have in your bag!



When we carry emotional baggage which we may have denied for long periods of time our energy bodies compensate to hold us, as well as the weight of what ever it is we are carrying around, that which is unresolved and unhealed. If left for long periods of time, this emtional holding becomes crystalised pathology. If we are upset with a situation or feeling pissed of with a person or environment we might over time develop illnesses such as cystitis or migraines because we are holding the tension of being unhappy or depressed with the situation. This damned up energy causes a shift in how our energy should flow due to the holding, it then continues to flow in this new altered 'dis-eased' shape that maintains the imbalance in our energy field.




If we have long stored emotional issues, things that we have carried for what feels like forever our body thinks that this conditioned pattern is actually part of who we are and our energy signature.  It becomes very difficult to break the patterns to create a new way of being.  This holding of an imbalanced pattern is where chronic illness manifests with real vigour.   It is what holistically is seen as the cause of chronic disease and leads to pathology such as cancers and organ or system failure within our finely tuned bodies.  We are a swirling mix of find tuned neurons, chemicals and energies.  If we put poor fuel into our bodies and dont attend to the signs or symptoms that it provides us then it will veer off course, communicating more symptoms until they speak loud enough for us to notice and really 'hear'.

When we find it in us to face our symptoms and respond and attend to our health on all levels, physical, mental and emotional we find that our wellbeing is more upbeat, positive and in the flow.  If we are able to change and shift patterns this enables a massive shift, allowing a release.  If we are able to let go of something we are then provided with a new lease of life, all the energy which was consumed in holding onto that particular grievance is now free and available to propel us forward into a new way of being. 

What many people struggle with when looking at long held trauma, grief, difficult behavioural or conditioned patterns is that the energy becomes so crystalised from holding on to the issue through fear or denial, that it is almost impossible to move beyond it.  In many instances the trauma creates an identity which over time forms coping mechanisms,  mechanisms which seem to be the very essence of who we are...I mean if we were truly able to stare bare faced into what terrifies us, or what we have been shamed into hidding and setting light to it all, burning it so that it no longer had the hold over us, how wonderfully liberated we would all be!!  The freedom in clearing and releasing all that we hold is emancipating and enables us to find our reset button, taking us back in time to review the trauma or conflict with new eyes and turn the situation around. We are then able to learn from it, thank it, move on and then no longer have the story that once defined us.  We can look on it with new perspectives and see the gracious opportunity to learn from it and grow. 

That's all well and good to be pure, holy and healed about the situtaion and thank it for its lesson.  What about when it is a truly shitty, awful situation that has happened which in all honesty you wouldn't wish on your enemy?  How then do you have the insight and clarity to move beyond it in a healed resolved way and have the objectivity to see what might be considered the gold in the issue?  Well finding a way to move through it always takes real courage, and it always requires compassionate gestures of loving kindness towards yourself.  Self parenting the part of you that struggled with the issue, showing yourself the love, that in most cases you wished you'd received at that difficult time in life, enabling your cup of love to fill back up and support you in the healing.  Finding a way to move beyond the pattern comes notably from a new vision of the experience, or a somatic revisiting of the time which provides a shift in the limbic structure of our core, of how and why we do certain things.

A crucial part of this healing as I see it is through creating a ritual or simple ceremony that marks the change or pattern you wish to see.  It may be as basic as writing all that is holding you back down on paper and then burning it with intention to release all the negativity around the situation.  Using symbolism to link to the issue and working with intention is often a powerful tool that clearly cuts energetic ties that have held you in place with the stuck energy.  You can wash away all that pains you with a salt bath infused with herbs, essences or oils.  You can release all that is using your energy negatively through your moon blood and return it to the earth to be blessed and transformed.  You can observe the lunar cycles to aid in the transformation.  Releasing and banishing works at its best with the waning moon, as it is decreasing to the dark moon/new moon.  You can call in the reality you wish to see for yourself best at the waxing moon, as the energy of the moon is buliding with a flourishing peak at full moon.

By making the ritual as elaborate or as simple as you like, you can represent your situation energetically so powerful shifts change your reality.  It is important to infuse the sacred drama with full focus and intention of moving beyond all that no longer serves you.   Call in the changes you wish to see, state your visions and dreams as if they were real now and happening already in your reality.  Ensure that the languauge you use is always in the present tense, that it contains all positives i.e. dont name the negative as something you dont want, or use the word not.  This repatterning and reprograming makes huge shifts energetically and frees up parts of yourself that would have been recrystalising the negative patterns with internal dialogues or unconscious repetition of patterns with others.  Our bodies have an innate wisdom of their own and any symptom that arises is your body asking for you to impliment some balancing action, it is asking us to look at issues so they can be resolved, healed and released to reveal a brighter new  >> YOU <<

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