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Posted on March 12, 2013 at 11:25 AM

I have been attending a Red Tent here in Bristol for just over a year now.  It is a nourishing resource for me which allows me to connect with other women in my community and share what is happening for me in my world.  I find it helps me stay connected with what is really going on in my life and to be witnessed in my shifts and transformations. It helps me to avoid denial and own what is hard or shitty, or what might feel stuck or stagnant.

Last night was the first night of me holding space for the Red Tent.  Kate who began the tent in search of support has moved to sunny Devon and I am pleased to have taken the thread to continue to weave it into the loom and deepen into the womens mysteries.  I have held other womens circles for healing and menstrual work so it feels very aligned and akin to my work to be holding this space.  I look forward to sharing in the cocreative process and the evolution of this work with my beautiful community of sisters.

As I lay in bed late last night, drinking from our time together I felt the sense of how beautiful our truths are when we stand authentically in our vulnerabilities.  How courageous we are facing what challenges us every day, commiting to ourselves to stand tall even when we feel like hiding under the duvet, ignoring calls and knocks at the door.  Some days are harder than others, some days we feel the sunshine on our backs and we thank our blessings.  What makes all the difference is knowing we are not alone, that we have others to share this journey with.

It felt wonderful to have this tent fall exactly on the Piscean New Moon.  To shed all that no longer served us and to declare what we wanted to welcome and call in felt potent and a deep resource.  We stand clearly embracing our shadow to integrate our fullness as women but last night it was wonderful to dance in the light and raise our vibration to remember we are divine spirits and we create our own realities.  For a while infectious laughter lifted us and fed us, clearing our bodies of rigidity and constriction.  It felt complete to honour both aspects of the self and to weave a dance of light and shadow.

I look forward, wondering where this path will lead, knowing that with other sisters by my side a rich tapestry will be woven of love, tenderness and glistening heart stories.  What a great time to be alive.

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