August Womb Blessing at the College Project

Posted on August 28, 2012 at 1:10 PM

The World Wide Womb Blessing that took place at the College Project on the 2nd of august was a fantastic celebration of the Divine Feminine.  We had an incredible number of women join us, with around 35 women from Bristol, Bath and Stroud. 

Our Circle focused on the beautiful altar, representing the Goddess and the four directions.  Women brought objects of wonder and majesty to symbolise our honor and reverance.

I led the women with the Womb Tree meditation; connecting to our wombs as beautiful trees with fresh vibrant leaves and ripe red fruit on the ends.  We visulaised growing our roots into mother earth, nourishing and supporting us.

The tree then grew up with the two main branches seprating at our hearts, opening this centre to feel the loving, healing energy move down our arms to our hands and fingers.  We then visulaised the full moon above us and welcomed in the loving energy from her as our moon mother.  The energy filled our brains, over flowing down to our hearts and then eventually filling our wombs with beautiful silvery white light.

The energy generated from the group felt strong and powerful and women were visibly touched by the energy.  After a time of basking in these blessing sensations, I gently came to each woman in turn to connect and offer a direct experience of the womb blessing healing.  As a moon mother, one of the roles is to be a vessel and a channel, to amplify the womb blessing energy.  I felt extremely honored to offer this experience with so many wonderful women.

By cupping each women's hand for just a few moments I was able to tap into and channel the loving energy  directly.  Feedback that was recieved was gracious and powerful and it gave me a warm sense of gratitude for being led to this work.

We moved onto the second part of the Womb Blessing meditation.  I facilitated women to send all the loving light that they recieved from the full moon down into the land, so as to cnnect with all the women across the planet who were also invloved with the blessing.  The total number for the online gathering reached over 27,000!! A truly awsome number of women waking up to this incredible Divine healing energy.

When all the circle joined at the end of the blessing to share their experiences and share the banquet of food that was brought, we were overwhelmed by the double rainbows in the sky outside.  It felt like a wonderous blessing and we were all touched.

After some grounding food was shared we then moved on to Womb Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli,                                                                                                        Each posture connecting us to our wombs, circling around the pelvis, enabling strength and grounding support for us.  It felt special to activate the energy dynamically in this way, to send it coursing through our veins and to feel the vitality tangibly.

After our wondeful yoga nidra session we came back to a sitting position and gently came back into the room, our awareness and presence back in our bodies.  I opened my eyes to be graced by the wondeful full moon gleaming through the window at me.  I had a direct view of the moon low in the sky, and as a moon mother this felt incredibly auspicious and a true Blessing.  Within moments the clouds came in and our view was obscured, but our hearts were open and we were all full of the loving healing light that the womb blessing brought.

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Reply shivani fox
1:10 PM on August 30, 2012 
thanks for creating the event clare and such a gorgeous, nourishing space. it was a beautiful experience. can't wait to do it again.

here's my review of the event published on my blog:
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