Grief lies within Pandora's Box

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Pandora's Box - Aurthur Rackham

Its day 27 and since day 21 I have known my womb will shed her lining and flow this coming waning moon. The grief has been skin deep bubbling up in loud inconvenient out bursts. It’s hard to give her voice when she arrives at such trixy times. It’s hard to s...

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Shamanic Midwifery

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Last month I had the most incredible time meeting and working with Jane Hardwicke Collings for three different events that she had travelled from Australia to teach.   The first one day workshop was held in Chalice Well Glastonbury and was called Amber Tears and Cleansing Flame.  A gorgeous group of women came together in circle, midwifes, doula's, birthworkers and those working with the Women's Mysteries.

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Womb Healing

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I wish to share a story with you here that I found the courage to share in a couple of intimate circles several years ago.  Part of me has felt reluctant to share this for all the world to see and to have it connected to my work as a Natural Medicine Practioner and Healer because I feared judgement and wanted to maintain a 'Professional Persona'.  All that seems rather silly to me now!  Over the recent years I have become far more comfortable with owning my story and standing t...

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