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I graduated as a Vibrational Essence Practioner in 2000 and then as a Homoeopath in 2002 after four years of training. In 2011I went on to train as a Menstrual Health and a Cycle Awareness Facilitator with Alexandra Pope on the Women's Quest Apprenticeship.  I am a Menstruality Mentor on the Red School's online programme, working with women in person and via skype.

In 2012 I attended courses to become the first certified ‘Moon Mother’ in Bristol and in 2014 I furthered this training with Miranda Gray to the Advanced Moon Mother level.  This deep Feminine Awakening work enables me to work on an energetic level, healing and supporting issues surrounding our femininity and the Womb.  As an Advanced Moon Mother I walk the Path of the Priestess Healer and the Path of the Menstrual Mentor supporting the return to balance of our four feminine Archetypes.  I am also a trained Level II Usui Reiki Healer.

I have also been working with Jane Hardwicke Collings since 2013, a homebirth midwife who specialises in Women's Mysteries work,.  I have attended several of her trainings and completed the year long Four Seasons Apprenticeship as a Shamanic Womancraft practioner in feb 2016.  This Reclaiming and ReWilding of the Feminine is deeply transformative and enables me to hold and support many life journey's into a 'Becoming'.


My skill base enables me to work with and support women through various differing cycles of their lives with fertility, conception, pregnancy and birth, and the menopause.  I offer support for women who have experienced any birth traumas, miscarriage or abortions and utilise my natural gift for Ritual and Ceremony.  I incorporate this in a creative way to bring loving healing and transformation.  I am available to facilitate celebrations or the marking of Rites of Passage; be that menarche, conception, pregnancy, blessingways, menopause or the passing of a loved one.  I bring intention and meaning to many simple acts of day to day life.


I have over 18 years of professional experience in Natural Medicine, most of which has been in a consultancy role, advising the public on appropriate Homoeopathy, Vibrational Essences, herbs, supplements and nutrition for a diverse selection of ailments and complaints.  My grounding in alternative medicine and holistic treatment began in childhood with my mother.  She used herbs, homoeopathy and aromatherapy to help with any minor complaints.  


Being a lover of nature I enjoy being outside walking in the woods, camping or swimming in the sea.  I enjoy gardening and making my own essences, herbal remedies or natural cosmetics.  Any available spare time is spent getting creative, and I enjoy the creative process of making textiles, knitting, weaving and sewing.  I also love making jewellery or embellishments for the home. 


Travel is important to me and have visited many countries.  I enjoy music, stories and dances from far flung places.  I have an eye for anything exotic or exciting and love to meet new people from all over the world to broaden my horizons and mind.  Time spent with close friends nourishes me and I relish a great meal socialising or time spent chatting over the fire pit.

It is important for me to maintain a conscious and continuous practioner development.  I regularly attend training courses, workshops or yearly meetings with affiliated associations as a commitment to my own professional development.
Clare Warren, LCCH, FE DIP MCS

A list of qualifications and on going training can be found here

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Clare Warren


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